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Eight years ago, during my own health crisis, I was introduced to Essential Oils. 

At that time, I was already waking up to the concept of ‘clean living’ and was working toward it through our nutrition & lifestyle. But what I didn’t realise quite yet, was just how toxic our everyday household products were. Things like our laundry detergent, my over-priced facial moisturiser and body lotions, dryer sheets, candles… all actually linked to the very healthy crisis I was experiencing; infertility (as well as many other ‘health epidemics’ we are seeing, like asthma, allergies, cancer and autoimmune disorders). 

A study completed by OHSA reported the average woman applies over 300 ‘chemicals’ per day… Do you think that stat could possibly apply to you? Let’s find out… Do you take a shower and wash your hair (30+ ingredients), wash or moisturise your face (another 15-20 ingredients), wear freshly laundered clothes, sleep on washed sheets, brush your teeth, wash the dishes, apply any lotions or sun cream to your kids? You can see how quickly those chemicals add up right?!?! Not only do we know this statistic does indeed apply to most of us, we also know that every single thing we apply to our bodies and breathe into our lungs can either be good for our health or it can harm our health. Disease and Cancer don’t happen overnight. In fact, the American Medical Association stated that only 5-10% of cancer cases are genetic & that up to 95% are a result of environmental or toxic triggers. Simply put, while we can’t reduce all our risks and exposure, we can certainly be the gate-keepers of our own homes and take better control over that 95%. 

When I realised this and truly embraced it, I started swapping out any remaining toxin-laden products from our home and our routines. It took time, but I gradually was swapping out everything I mentioned above with essential oils or essential oil infused products. I made a commitment to no longer accept products linked to these catastrophic consequences that we have so readily normalised over the years. 

In that time, we started seeing tangible improvement in our wellness. My allergies and headaches settled. My skin cleared. My hormones balanced. Sleep and mood improved. Weight management goals were reached. We began to truly feel well and most significantly, in control of our health in a way we had never experienced before. It’s not that we don’t still need Doctors and Modern Medicine, it’s just that instead of waiting until we are so sick from the constant poisoning of our bodies, tissue and organs, we are taking preventative measures giving ourselves and our children our very best chance at staying well. 

Today we use essential oils for so many things. There is a cliche phrase among oily people that says ‘There’s an oil for that…” sounds corny I know, but it really is true. There are so many benefits to what they can do and the science & evidence behind them is absolutely profound. Most people who join us, choose to utilise the essential rewards monthly ordering program. Once we trusted the integrity and quality of the brand, it became a no-brainer to conveniently order everything we need straight to our doorstep monthly and cash in on the generous rewards back.  The essential oils and oil-infused products have replaced so many household, personal care and wellness items we were wasting our money on before. Our entire ‘medicine’ cabinet looks completely different than it did before. Our personal care products and cleaning products are as best quality you could possibly imagine. Our supplements are systematic and actually work! 

Young living was a the company we grew to trust over the years of trying and researching many different brands in the ever-evolving ‘green market’. The company has been thriving for over 25 years and was founded for all the right reasons and have remained true to those reasons despite their growth. I believe in their process and seed to seal guarantee because of the integrity and commitment Young Living has demonstrated consistently over the years. They practice sustainability, look after their farmers and international markets and refuse to compromise on the quality of their products. You’ll never have to second guess if the lotion you’re rubbing onto your little one or the laundry detergent you’re using is actually good for you. 

I would love to welcome you to our oily crew where we have a growing community of like-minded and inspiring people supporting one another in committing to a life of wellness. Please be in touch if you would like to learn more or follow the instructions below to join us and get started with your own essential oils. 

If you are keen to join now, follow the instructions below. I recommend everyone starts the way we did, with a premium starter kit. Let me know when you do because I will add you to our team Facebook page for support AND apply a $25 gift credit immediately to your new member account as a thank you which you can use toward anything you like. 

If you still feel like you want more information, check out this great Essential Oils 101 video taught by Jen O’Sullivan, a University Professor who is a Certified French Medicinal Aromatherapist. (under ‘About Essential Oils Column below). She goes through each of the starter set oils in a way that is easy to understand. Just keep in mind 2 things.. First Jen is bound by FDA regulations to speak compliantly about the oils, which means she can’t tell you about the evidence that exists for their medicinal properties (you can easily get a reference guide to help you with that)… and she is referencing USA currency, so if you are in another country the starter set prices vary (AUS details are below in my instructions). 

Thanks for reading and please touch base with any questions! 

In kindness,  Rachel xo

About Essential Oils

Extracted through careful steam distillation and cold pressing, our therapeutic essential oils can help you swap out every toxin in your home while supporting your wellness. Check out this link to hear a French Aromatherapist tell you more. 

Essential Oils 101 by Jen O'Sullivan, Certified French Medicinal Aromatherapist
Essential Oils for Wellness

Whether you want to support your energy, mood, fitness, immunity or simply just kick toxins out of your home, Young Living’s products can empower you to meet your wellness goals the natural way.

Essential Oils for Beauty

Young Living’s Personal Care, Beauty Care and Savvy Mineral Make Up Line allow you to never compromise on how you look, feel or smell with nothing but pure, safe & clean ingredients. 

How to enrol and order your starter kit today

Click on the “Get Started” link below:

  • Make sure the country & language are accurate
  • Make sure ‘Member’ is Selected. This simply gives you wholesale pricing with no contracts or obligations – NO requirement to distribute oils 
  • Please ensure 3898915 is entered for sponsor and enroller ID to join my team (or the members number who referred you to this page)
  • Enter your information & accept terms
  • You will then be given the option to ‘Create your Essential Rewards Kit’ or ‘Regular Order’. Here’s my input…

Young Living will CHANGE YOUR LIFE if you allow it! It can be your avenue to toxin free wellness & Essential Rewards is the way to go if that’s what you’re looking for. I LOVE my Essential Rewards Program (ER) & hope everyone will jump on it! The benefits are listed on this step of the website – they are more generous than any rewards program I’ve seen. You switch up your cart each month to get all your household cleaning products, personal care products and oils stock as needed -whether for yourself or for family & friends. So it’s not additional expense to your budget, it’s just buying better toxin-free versions of those same things with a really generous rewards back program from a company with the best integrity I could hope for . You maintain a PV (personal volume) of at least 50 each month. This depends on your country & currency, but is usually around 50PV =  $50 USD and $80 AUD on most products . If you’re not ready to commit to ER, I still suggest you get your kit that way, add on your Thieves Household Cleaner + Ningxia Red or Facial Care Products as you’ll get reduced shipping & the first round of rewards back and then you  can cancel the following month after spending your cashback!  One of the best parts, it’s super easy to get your favourite monthly products for free if you just share them with a few friends (that’s the beauty of this so-called ‘pyramid scheme’ – there’s no marketing costs to YL, so they would rather reward you by spreading the word, just like you would about your favourite restaurant). SO you decide…

  • If you chose Essential Rewards, select ‘shop catalog’ & Under ‘Opportunity’ select ‘Starter Kits’ & choose the Premium Starter Kit with either Dewdrop or Home Diffuser or Upgrade to Diffuser of your liking  (select each to see photos)
  • If you chose Regular Order, simply select the starter kit (the diffusers that say +0 are included, otherwise, you can choose the others for additional charge).

Wait for your beautiful kit to be at your doorstep and I will be happy to support your oiling journey! 

Thank you for blessing my family by supporting my business grow.

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