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My Essential Oils Story

I was raised in a health-conscious family – but it wasn’t until my 20’s that I really started evaluating and redefining what ‘health’ meant for me. My commitment to seeking optimum wellness…
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Before I Die

Today I had the opportunity to participate in a beautiful workshop inspired by the project ‘Before I Die’ … From what I understand, this project was initiated by an artist who was grieving the l…
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Oven Cleaning with Thieves

? Cleaning Tip? Oven before & after Thieves clean ? No need to ever use toxin laden oven cleaner nor the self-cleaner option (which can cause long term damage to fuses and elements not to mention …
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Savvy Young Living Mineral Make Up

  In all the years my business of teaching wellness has been unfolding, I never envisioned posting a blog about make up! I don’t consider myself a make up expert, not by a long shot. But, l…
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This. Is. Infertility.

…. Well, at least for me. Infertility is falling in love with an incredible guy and soon realizing you can’t wait to see him be a Dad. Infertility is taking all the responsible steps in getting yo…
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Yoga, Mindfulness & Essential Oils

Yoga, Mindfulness & Essential Oils.. These are a few of my favourite things!!!  Oh, goodness where to begin??? There is so much that just makes sense about Essential Oils, Mindfulness & Yoga,…
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Elderberry Syrup: a Cold & Flu Must-Have!

Elderberry Syrup: why we love it & how to make it Our family has relied on Elderberry as an immune support remedy for many years. I’ve always known it was quite easy to make, but just never got …
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Cool-Down Potion

Hands up if you have used the Fluorescent green aloe gel after too much time in the sun for a deliciously cooling affect?!?! Even better if it had been stored in the fridge!!! I have. But with our com…
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