I’ve always been an artistic thinker and organized person who, if given the opportunity to, would transform a space or product to make it look more visually pleasing and useful to the user. In my previous jobs in the science industry, this “organizational designer” skill of mine got me to perform certain job functions outside of my designated role. I reorganized storage rooms and laboratories, rewrote Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to make them easier to read and visually pleasing to look at, and made digital maps of the lab facilities and emergency exit maps. 
My previous employer had two businesses which I was fortunate to be a jack-of-all trades for both of his companies. I had experience as a microbiologist, analytical chemist, front desk assistant, beverage chemist, digital designer, social media manager, and photographer. In all of these experiences, I often found things that were not as easy to utilize and tried to come up with better solutions to make the user experience better for our company, colleagues, and clients. 
I am often told that I am a very empathetic person, and in my everyday life I see designs that could be changed so that others could have a better user experience. I started my own faith-based brand known as Intertwined Co. and have accumulated multiple freelancing experiences helping small business owners and other creatives with my designs and illustrations. I also run my own Etsy shop that serves as a testimony of my career transition. I aspire to utilize my skills as a UX Designer to create designs that would not only look and feel useful and appealing, but would also invoke and inspire positive change in the people of the world.
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