Hi, there! šŸ‘‹ I'm Makayla Jun.
Iā€™m a Freelance Graphic Designer andĀ aspiring UX Visual Designer. I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology, concentration in Biochemistry, and minor in Chemistry. Though I have a strong science background, I decided to pivot intoĀ a careerĀ that I've always felt calledĀ to pursue.Ā 
I'll beĀ starting classes at Liberty University for a Master of Arts in Applied Psychology in Fall 2021 and am on my way to completing Google's UX Design certificate. Iā€™m currently working on long-term freelance projects that focus on the visual design of products and company branding. My work emphasizes simple, modern, and symmetrical designsĀ that would be the most efficient and pleasing for the user.Ā 
Click the link below to view my portfolio in depth and get to know more about me. Feel free to reach out to me for questions, comments, or just to say hi! makaylajunn@gmail.com